Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The One Hour Sleep.

yea, i think i got more than 30deaths in this 'game' if it was drawn parallel to Dota.

Once i flip over, wO, inequalities should know how to do.hehe.
2steps cancel. 2steps cancel. i used half a page and i couldn't get the answer, next question.

Binomial. Hohoho, partial fractions i know how to do! *reads question* omg, no partial fractions. tried to expand, got stuck cos i haven't tried expanding fractional index before. 8 deaths.

Graphing techniques. Sketch the graphs with GC which is for hopeless maths dummy like me haha. Then the question with the bulk of the marks i don't know how to do>.<

then it got worse. Function questions that I totally don't know how to do, except for sketching the graphs with GC once again.

Then i can't remember what were the next few questions, cause i didn't understand nuts, as i don't even know how to start. haha. 24DEATHS.

Mathematical Induction. Wa step by step so easy. Reached the 4th step, forgotten how to continue. 30DEATHS which marks the End.

That's how it led to me, folding my arms on the table, and dipping my head into my lovely arms and took an hour of sleep, till the 3rd invilgillator woke me up.

Invigil: *taps me* You want to staple the cover page to your scripts?
Marvin: oh, *rubs eyes* ok.
Invigil: *points at the borad to the instructions*
Marvin: okOk.
*staples script*
Invigil: *walked back to me* have you completed?
Marvin: eh, eh ya. (lol, i don't think i ever COMPLETED the paper, i didn't get a single solution)
Invigil: You don't know how to do is it?
Marvin: erm ya. ( i felt like saying DUH, everyone was still scribbling, even those zai people in my class)
Invigil: Try, you still have time.
Marvin: eh don't want la. ( Once again i felt like saying, I would have tried if i know how to do>.< and its like 5minutes left still got time my foot)
Invigil: okay*walks away*
( she was nice to ask me to try la, but was quite dumb, cause if i knew, obviously i wouldn't have slept for so long -.-)
Invigil: *walks back* Check through your answers, check for careless mistakes.
Marvin: orgh. ( I told my self, would the careless mistakes be consequential, if there were. 2 pieces of foolscap for 70 marks paper, only used 5 lines for 2nd foolscap and slept for 1 hour, which was 1/2 the time)

Maths ah maths, GO AWAY.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Exams, without the numbers subjects.

Yea, so far so decent, heehee.

Didn't sleep on sunday, cause i felt guilty at the last hour which was 11pm, i didn't want to fail and feel guilty after that, so i ploughed through the night through the around 400 pages of notes for biology until 615, where i went to shower.. Took Gp after the biology, cruised through it heehee. biology i think should be able to score a D or E yea, no high expectations for it.

Muahah, econs the always dummy subject. Hail econs! haha. Read through the econs notes until the most important chapter which was on MICROECONMICS and i decided to go to sleep cos i was distracted by the messaging to Zhuang Yong in late night, and suddenly my phone didn't have reception, damn Starhub.

Econs paper, didn't know how to do 1 structured questions which was 15 marks, cause i didn't know what was merit goods, public goods and private goods, but i guessed correctly and MAY get some marks, but i think i did fairly well for the case study and the other structured, haha, C or B.

Whatsup man, Chem was ok, best paper so far, although the first question confused me, but managed to CONQUER it, and it went like this, FIRST BLOOD> KILLING SPREE>DOMINATING> MEGA KILL> UNSTOPPABLE> WICKED SICK>mmMONSTER KILL> GODLIKE> HOLY SHIT> BEYONDDD GODLIKE... muahah, although i couldn't finish the paper for 7 marks, i think i still owned it haha, should have given more time for practice, A or B it shall be. HAHA.

But i think it would be a different story tommorrow. -.-
1 DEATH>2DEATHS>3DEATHS>....>24DEATHS>...>30DEATHS sobs. I so don't want to fail maths.

anyways just to prove how hopeless i admit myself for maths, this was the conversation with Jing Jiat:

Marvin: Bio sure can pass la, they spread out the marks, so many questions.
Marvin: GP, Econs can B, Chem high chance A la. Right?
JingJiat: Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
Marvin: ya haha, maths and physics in next 3 days >.< sian. ( i didn't do the emotion)
Marvin: want buy bread or waffle?
Jing Jiat: go 7-11.
*On the way to 7-11 in AMK central*
Marvin: If we practiced Chem, i think confirm can finish and sleep during the paper like DARRYL leong do for maths...
Jingjiat: Tomorrow maybe oso can.
Marvin: Ya, if the paper fucked up, i think i only know like say 2 questions, then i can sleep for at least 1 HOUR.
Jingjiat: wa lao, I MEAN THE PAPER EASY then finish early la >.<
*walks off to 7-11*

What the hell, i was already thinking of failing it before i take it, haha. How i wish i can convince myself to think like him naturally. It was from the instincts that i think i would fail it la... sianZ. Good luck to xiao XIANG and Jion Chun for CLL /GEOG + MATHS, LOL hope they don't think like me. Laughs Out Loud, hehe.

and why am i still here blogging? haha.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


"If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me."


There's this something known as wronged.
There's also this something known as misunderstood.

There's this something known as lethargic
There's also this something called tired.

There's this something known as showing-off.
There's also this something known as eager to share.

There's this something known as being arrogant.
There's also this something called knowing your self-worth.

There's this something known as a busy-body.
There's also this something known as being curious.

There's this something called ego.
There's also this something called pride.

There's this something called being embarassed.
There's also this somethng called shy.

There's this something known as joy and happiness.
There's also this something known as being despondent and disconsolated.

There's this something known as character.
There's also this somthing known as circumstance.

There's this something known as frustration.
There's this something called emotions.

There's this something called friendship.
There's also this something called love.

There's this something called reliance.
There's also this something called trust.

Why do i always end up on the other side of the fence?
Why can't the people i want to be understood understand me?
Why am i always staying up in the night?

I Don't know.
Is it my part to do, that i haven't done?

Please don't take it away from me...and dorie, i want to solve it myself this time, thank you.

Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup round 1

England not playing well.
-Owen's dissapointing early exit. but i doubt they will be staying for long.

Yorke unable to inspire Trindad and Tobago to a win, in spite of his decent performance.

Sven still couldn't beat his own nation.

Wonderful play by Argentina
-UPSET: not enough starts for the entertaining Lionel Messi
-Juan Riquelme always having an awkward expression..

Ivory Coast early exit.

Wonderful coaching by Scolari for Portugal.

Upset to see a great player like Neved packing, prospects of playing in serieB.

Happy to see Totti in his cool new hairstyle.

Excellent fast attacking football by Ghanna.

Ronaldo Missing THE volley.

France unable to score to produce results.

Spain cruising through with their excellent midfield and quick forwards(not raul, hehe)

The wait for Sheva to shine.

Great play by Ronaldinho, Robinho.

Cicinho too, but i don't think he did his job as right back well, more like a right mid.

RONALDO with 2 true 'Brazillian Style' Goals !!!

GOLDEN BOOTS for him, haha for a bear.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Yea, i didn't know why i felt so random, i began clicking the archives on my blog, and began reading it..

Everything seems so recent, it looks and feel as though it was last week that it happened. How much i complained about Amath(, the sentosa outing with 4-8, O lvls, AnG's birthday, times at Treehouse, and more brithday celebrations!!!

Time flies huh? Zhuang Yong joining us for activities, i don't know if this is good for him? Jeremy Chee disappearing from the picture suddenly, getting to know kaiyang better... Alot of things are happening in our lives but the memories are just so close to our hearts.. yea, and i realise alot of action is missing out in my life. Have i changed yet again?

The quotes i've posted in the archives just seem so much more meaningful than the ones that are recent. My friends, can you all tell me if i'm sprouting lots of nonsense now as compared to say a few months ago?? I think what i need to do now is to regain my composure...

And ya, i think i'm acting dumb for too long, i think i've been seeking recluse in myself for too long... sigh.

yea, today back from studying, was contemplating whether i should go, cos i'm really tired, really really and i mean really tired. Returned home, showered and went to sleep at 5+pm haha woke up like 6 hours later. muahahah. I love my bed so much!!!

"Thoughts come into our minds by avenues which we never left open, and thoughts go out of our minds through avenues which we never voluntarily opened"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Monday, June 19, 2006

remember the name

so ya, its the last week of the holidays, which means i'm one week away from my mid-years. No idea how i would do, cos i could not even conceive the 'likely' outcome from it. Haven't had mid-years for 4 years, and simply just didn't have the habit to do it. Yea, Mid-Year Crisis it is.

I found out that certain things are hard to get over with, no matter how hard you try. No matter what you tell yourself, do to prove, tell your friends. Doing such actions, just for the sake of convincing yourself doesn't work, it simply comes back to haunt you. You can never forget. How can i move on like this..

You see me hanging round
starting to swear about this black hole of a dark field
and silently within hands touchin skin sharp
breaks my disease

and i can breath and
all of your ways all you dream falls on me
it falls on me
and your beautiful sky
the light you breath
falls on me
it falls on me

i feel like a pain
it draws me in again
sqaushes all my worst of me
darkness in my veins
I never could explain
and i wonder if you have ever seen
and still believe

and all of your ways
and all that you dream
falls on me
it falls on me
and your beautiful sky
the light you breath falls on me
it falls on me

am I that strong
to carry on
have i changed your life
have i changed my world
could you save me

and all of your ways
all you dream
falls on me
it falls on me
and you beautiful sky
the light you breath
falls on me
it falls on me

and all of your ways
all you dream falls on me
it falls on me
and your beautiful sky
the light you breath
falls on me
it falls on me

Fuel-Falls On Me

Anyways, i'm wondering if anyone will remember the name,
my name in anycase,

Not my name only i hope, haha.


What can 9 guys do in a room in a rainy night? You may wonder, and continue to wonder but don't wander.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

me and you-cassie

The Song

damn it i'm desparately trying to upload this song to embed it as a player, but unable to do so for 3 fucked up hours good enough for the Argentina-Ivory coast match, i think i'm watching it, hope i don't trip and fall tomorrow for tennis =p. only managed to establish this link..

The official video @ youtube

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


five for fighting-superman

how apt it is

gone is wiseman-james blunt

Monday, June 05, 2006


Now, we are living 2 different separate lifestyles.

You go your way and i go mines.

That would be the best, maybe not for me but sure for you.

The Will

Yea, let's talk about the will to study. Yes, we all know mid-years are coming and all, but how much have we done or rather have I done in preparation for that???

I clock an unsurprising 0 hours in week 1 studying. muahaha .

But how can i study in this big fat irritating self-created mess??? Books, caps, newspapers, t-shirts, O lvls text, files, weights, tooth-brush(new ones), deodourant, untouched TYSes, macdonald happy meal's toy(I don't know why i bought it), milk bottle, ankle guards, specs box, money, watch, photos, school tie, pipette filler, soccer boots chassis, watch, soft toys..

Someone, someone... help me clear this mess... so that i can find another reason for noot touching my books...

I'm going to be KOALA BEAR now. bye. 3.40 it is, good morning.

The 'B' day



Yea, this is part of the package you're getting Bryan wong. Haha, we spent hours on it at polar.. you better like it. hehe. It comes as a package dude. Cool eh? so nice of us right?

Don't scold me for posting it on my blog b4 even giving it to him, cause i waited till this ungodly hours to post it. And i thought he would be getting it anyways =p.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


This animal is supposed or rather believed to sleep 14hours a day.

I'm sleeping 11.5 hours a day, 2.5 hours more to go to become a genuine true blue, or rather grey KOALA BEAR.


Friday, June 02, 2006

week 1

yupz, been out everyday this week, quite happy though cause i've spent time with my friends. And i think its time for me to blog about things happened this week lest i forget about it.

Went to shop basically, for soccer boots, world cup jerseys, rackets, ethernet wires, bryan wong's present ... yeah.
Wo yao sports bag... but all the designs like shit...

Today we were talking about an aquaintance from gong jiao, he's probably the NEXT BIG THING, none other than the Paul Twohill now in the last 12 of singapore idol. I still remember knowing him from my bus rides to gong jiao. Not the usual bus rides, but those when we were late. Never have i thought of that this guy, 10 months ago, sitting with me at the void deck opposite gong jiao in the morning would appear on national tv..haha. If we were late, we wouldn't want to get screwed by the teachers and all, so we would wait till the dogs in school to clear off for lessons before we step into the school. muahaha, i was always late, but never once caught after secondary 1.

When i was in secondary 1, i didn't know of the tricks to evade the prefects and all, so all i can do is get caught and see the discipline master.. haha, but nevertheless, with all this records, i still manage to get my posts in the council, debates and library.. muahahahha.

oh ya, ben and jerry's ice-cream rocks la. although its like 11.50 for say 4 scoops... muahah, had my share today!!

oh and i ate lots of cup noodles this few days for lunch.. cause i'm too lazy to go down and buy food.. hope the msg doesn't take its toll on me in he future..

oh and today, while we were at polar designing Wong's present, we saw the ledgendary rachel. It goes like this:

we were sitting at polar, cause we designing wongs cap>>then we bought curry puffs cause we needed some purchase to sit there>> but b4 i took a bite, i saw a familiar face, the face 've seen so many times during my brief spell at vj, during all the breaks, whether it was self declared or not>>'rachel' i said>>gedeon turned his head, oh ya rachel>>she was in her fbt high cut and pheonix house tee>>rachel looks at us and walks off to suntec.

i took out my going to be trade-in phone and called shuan heng. haha he was so damn jealous.. muahah. Rachel is yours shaunny, we just so happen to see her. =D

anyways, i'll be uploading wong's cap in a few days, designed and tested by chief designer ANG, head of logistics ME and model JIA DE. muahah, its freaking cool, i think any random jamal, zul, ahmad would want to own one of this trucker cap. Its so cool.

This posts is damn random la, haha, just to prevent myself from forgetting what i did this week. WO YAO SPORTS BAG!!!

-realisations 2_1-

"What you are comes to you."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yeah, basically it explains or represents the word 'karma', or at least this is what this 6 worded quote appears to me.

What you get, is what you are as a person. Thats basically what i think of this quote. So it explains the word 'karma'. If you do good, good will come to you, that's all.

Its quite important though, it helps to explain certain things in life, perhaps in a subtle way, only if you acknowlege it though.

Don't think too much. i mean don't think too deep (=

Thursday, June 01, 2006

-realisations 2-

"What you are comes to you."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson