Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The One Hour Sleep.

yea, i think i got more than 30deaths in this 'game' if it was drawn parallel to Dota.

Once i flip over, wO, inequalities should know how to do.hehe.
2steps cancel. 2steps cancel. i used half a page and i couldn't get the answer, next question.

Binomial. Hohoho, partial fractions i know how to do! *reads question* omg, no partial fractions. tried to expand, got stuck cos i haven't tried expanding fractional index before. 8 deaths.

Graphing techniques. Sketch the graphs with GC which is for hopeless maths dummy like me haha. Then the question with the bulk of the marks i don't know how to do>.<

then it got worse. Function questions that I totally don't know how to do, except for sketching the graphs with GC once again.

Then i can't remember what were the next few questions, cause i didn't understand nuts, as i don't even know how to start. haha. 24DEATHS.

Mathematical Induction. Wa step by step so easy. Reached the 4th step, forgotten how to continue. 30DEATHS which marks the End.

That's how it led to me, folding my arms on the table, and dipping my head into my lovely arms and took an hour of sleep, till the 3rd invilgillator woke me up.

Invigil: *taps me* You want to staple the cover page to your scripts?
Marvin: oh, *rubs eyes* ok.
Invigil: *points at the borad to the instructions*
Marvin: okOk.
*staples script*
Invigil: *walked back to me* have you completed?
Marvin: eh, eh ya. (lol, i don't think i ever COMPLETED the paper, i didn't get a single solution)
Invigil: You don't know how to do is it?
Marvin: erm ya. ( i felt like saying DUH, everyone was still scribbling, even those zai people in my class)
Invigil: Try, you still have time.
Marvin: eh don't want la. ( Once again i felt like saying, I would have tried if i know how to do>.< and its like 5minutes left still got time my foot)
Invigil: okay*walks away*
( she was nice to ask me to try la, but was quite dumb, cause if i knew, obviously i wouldn't have slept for so long -.-)
Invigil: *walks back* Check through your answers, check for careless mistakes.
Marvin: orgh. ( I told my self, would the careless mistakes be consequential, if there were. 2 pieces of foolscap for 70 marks paper, only used 5 lines for 2nd foolscap and slept for 1 hour, which was 1/2 the time)

Maths ah maths, GO AWAY.

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