Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Exams, without the numbers subjects.

Yea, so far so decent, heehee.

Didn't sleep on sunday, cause i felt guilty at the last hour which was 11pm, i didn't want to fail and feel guilty after that, so i ploughed through the night through the around 400 pages of notes for biology until 615, where i went to shower.. Took Gp after the biology, cruised through it heehee. biology i think should be able to score a D or E yea, no high expectations for it.

Muahah, econs the always dummy subject. Hail econs! haha. Read through the econs notes until the most important chapter which was on MICROECONMICS and i decided to go to sleep cos i was distracted by the messaging to Zhuang Yong in late night, and suddenly my phone didn't have reception, damn Starhub.

Econs paper, didn't know how to do 1 structured questions which was 15 marks, cause i didn't know what was merit goods, public goods and private goods, but i guessed correctly and MAY get some marks, but i think i did fairly well for the case study and the other structured, haha, C or B.

Whatsup man, Chem was ok, best paper so far, although the first question confused me, but managed to CONQUER it, and it went like this, FIRST BLOOD> KILLING SPREE>DOMINATING> MEGA KILL> UNSTOPPABLE> WICKED SICK>mmMONSTER KILL> GODLIKE> HOLY SHIT> BEYONDDD GODLIKE... muahah, although i couldn't finish the paper for 7 marks, i think i still owned it haha, should have given more time for practice, A or B it shall be. HAHA.

But i think it would be a different story tommorrow. -.-
1 DEATH>2DEATHS>3DEATHS>....>24DEATHS>...>30DEATHS sobs. I so don't want to fail maths.

anyways just to prove how hopeless i admit myself for maths, this was the conversation with Jing Jiat:

Marvin: Bio sure can pass la, they spread out the marks, so many questions.
Marvin: GP, Econs can B, Chem high chance A la. Right?
JingJiat: Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
Marvin: ya haha, maths and physics in next 3 days >.< sian. ( i didn't do the emotion)
Marvin: want buy bread or waffle?
Jing Jiat: go 7-11.
*On the way to 7-11 in AMK central*
Marvin: If we practiced Chem, i think confirm can finish and sleep during the paper like DARRYL leong do for maths...
Jingjiat: Tomorrow maybe oso can.
Marvin: Ya, if the paper fucked up, i think i only know like say 2 questions, then i can sleep for at least 1 HOUR.
Jingjiat: wa lao, I MEAN THE PAPER EASY then finish early la >.<
*walks off to 7-11*

What the hell, i was already thinking of failing it before i take it, haha. How i wish i can convince myself to think like him naturally. It was from the instincts that i think i would fail it la... sianZ. Good luck to xiao XIANG and Jion Chun for CLL /GEOG + MATHS, LOL hope they don't think like me. Laughs Out Loud, hehe.

and why am i still here blogging? haha.

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