Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I've sensed it.

Change is imminent.


Hate is too strong a word.
Dislike would and should sound better.

I do my part and perhaps it would be all.

I dislike.

I think they are here to stay.

Always work for yourself.

I'm going to see them again. Lots of work.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

All that matters

I've realised again, this time on my way back from tuition this morning.

Its all about rewards and hardwork, as in life is all about hardwrok and rewards.

Yes 'hardwork', it appears over and over again.

Family and friends, the care and love they give you, are the rewards. Fun and laughter with them are the rewards.

These are things you don't have to pay for for enjoyment.
The rest in life is simply hectic and mundane.

Being materialistic can be simply compared to taking soft drugs, you pay for it for temporary enjoyment, it is simply something that gives you pleasure at that moment. These can never be juxtaposed to what family and friends can share with you.

If my dear friends do not know or have not considered about this 'piece' in life that probably glares at you every now and then. Probably its time.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I may and would like to make a correction to 2 posts before this.

FROM: "Work hard, earn lots of fucking money dirty or not. Spend and buy things till i die."

TO: "Work hard, earn lots of money. Spend and buy things till i die"

Why? because I don't want to be in prison and face a LOCKDOWN. It's horrifing, appalling, detestable, disgusting, beastly, awful, sickening, rotten, repulsive and loathsome.

Seriously, watch Prison Break.

I would fancy a Scofield haircut. He's incredibly, surpassingly, conspicuously, remarkably intelligent.

Prison Breaking.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Holy shit.

As much as i'm an influence to anybody that i'm with. I'm easily influenced.

But i know where the bottom line is.

So fuck all of you the dumb fucks out there. I can't help it but to swear since the training yesterday. Ironically, i'm loving it. Look my way.


There is this fucking idea that came to me all of a sudden.

Work hard, earn lots of fucking money dirty or not. Spend and buy things till i die.

And not leave a cent for my son and daughters, if i ever have any.

Insane isn't it?

Its fucking insane, but for a reason.

Its all about the desire.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


It's really so. This is it.


Today was a great day, apart from the fact that i had to wake up early and hurry to Yishun for yet another 4hours of tuition. Good news and bad news for myself, the hours would soon grow and become 6.

Ironically, I have no desire to teach but I have an unconventional liking for sharing knowledge. The two seems to be identical, but they are simply similar. Put yourself to my position, imagine having to stay 6 hours or probably 6 hours and thrity minutes for movement from one block to another TWO TIMES A WEEK in a Yishun town. (No malice to Yishun, i love the statue in the park that i can see from the train)

I have 3 students on hand now.
First student is rather inteligent but poor in the subject. He makes little attempt to improve on his work but understands what i'm saying all the time. He would change if i 'drop a hint or two' to his mother.
Second student is pretty good for his age at the subject, sad to say he's a bit gay. From my experience in Catholic High, if he doesn't meet some good company he would stay gay all his live. The third, from my first impression he has got attitude, and I like it. It would probably be tough to 'teach' but ya I just like the attitude. Its boring for me and you to talk about all this shit. (glad that you've gone so far)

Hey man, but corny as it seems, me having a 36.25 (take note of the 0.25 its important!) university score IS a successful tutor.

Success Inspires Success
(I shall end here as the post is getting no where, this is what you get when you want to type a decent long entry and it somehow got fucked up because you didn't think it out)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Project Work

Everyone is so busy with their Oral Presentation for their project work. Seriously i have no idea why they are practicing over and over again everyday, everyweek since 2 weeks ago. Im not saying that ots not necessary, but 3 prepared rehearsals are more than enough. There's just no better way to make your classmates bored by introducing them to your 'fantastic' idea every other day.

If every presentation is like DOA, i wouldn't mind, but come on hyroponics, aeroponics, water, racial harmony what more? It's retarded and dumb to go to school to listen to such presentations at 8 everyday when its suppose to be your holidays. I will never do it.

I have nothing more to say and wish you all the best of luck for your Oral Presentations and also 'those' taking your A levels.

If everyone cared by nickelback is quite decent, just realised.

Off to school to hand in some dicky consent form -.-

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Its always different on the otherside.

I put you first. But where am I?

I feel like 'recess' slotted in between lessons, whether it is meant to mean like this or not. People always assume what i think or how i feel. Assume? People just don't get it. Not even you.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

wo shi OSCAR

Yea, interview to be an OGL. Great getaway from the first week of school! CIP hours + time to relax= YAY!

It was fast, went on time started on time, ended early had some fun amusing the 'panel'.

Took questions like a breeze, but maybe haha, as i've told JJ look at the form can already =p.

Gave the right answers they wanted and know that they were happy haha, but the talking to ruler part was quite retarded la. My first was to the ruler, the rest was to them, its all the same.

Anyways dicky Jion Chun interupted, but its still the same as the OSCAR winner never faltered, it gave me some time to take a break lol.

Random stuff apart, OP is really retarded whats the point of presenting everyday? In my opinion, I think self preparation and around 5 rehearsals are more than enough.. Hate it.

Signed my result slip -.-

Money here I come! (freaking random HAHA)