Sunday, November 19, 2006

All that matters

I've realised again, this time on my way back from tuition this morning.

Its all about rewards and hardwork, as in life is all about hardwrok and rewards.

Yes 'hardwork', it appears over and over again.

Family and friends, the care and love they give you, are the rewards. Fun and laughter with them are the rewards.

These are things you don't have to pay for for enjoyment.
The rest in life is simply hectic and mundane.

Being materialistic can be simply compared to taking soft drugs, you pay for it for temporary enjoyment, it is simply something that gives you pleasure at that moment. These can never be juxtaposed to what family and friends can share with you.

If my dear friends do not know or have not considered about this 'piece' in life that probably glares at you every now and then. Probably its time.

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