Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What I Want.




I will buy a beach house one day, be it in Singapore(probably pretty too expensive), India, Australia. Anywhere, as long as i can enjoy the sheer tranquility, sunshine, sunrise, sunset and warm breezes.

But who will be share the experience with me?
Will the person be you?

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Lets talk about dreams.

I presume that you have dreams or have had dreams.

First question would be how far away are you from your dreams?

For me, pretty real far. I don't know why perhaps the dreams that you have are relative to the state that you are in then. So as you move on in life when the situation changes and you grow up, you generally and ineveitably move further and further away from your childhood dreams or dreams you had in the early years of teenage.

Second question being-Do you still relish achieving the dreams? Or perhaps you have new dreams in your mind or maybe you have forgotten all about what you have originally dreamt of?Or even simply feel that a dream is just a dream.

The best would be the first or the second highlighted. Why so? I feel that for the first, those dreams would be innocent which are likely to reflect your character. No not your character, it would be more appropriate to say your nature. Characters are moulded. So it reflects your nature, your ambitions, your instincts, or even your destiny. In my opinion for the second, it shows your character. It reflects a more realistic dream so as to say since you're moving on in life with more experiences and in all understanding yourself better and knowing what your potential is all about. So similarly to the first, it reflects your ambitions, maybe courage, your wants and even your desires. Nevertheless, its good. It provides you with the impetus to work hard and might be a panacea when you meet difficulties since it is likely to encourage you to fight on.

If you've forgotten about your dreams or if you have never thought of what you might like to be, its time to think seriously for one. You are missing out on all the above mentioned. In my opinion, its not that you are realistic and living within your means. it shows how feeble and weak you are to not believe in your own abilities and strength and to simply accept everything given to you. You are just too caught up with your everyday life and chasing for things blindly.

Its different with a dream.
You are in pursuit of your happiness your dreams.
Who cares even if its just a pursuit.
You are at least trying to make yourself happy and worthwhile.

Live your dream(s).

If you agree then tell me about it. I would like to know.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Need to Change

Hey, i've just realised a trend.

All of us haven't been doing well, academically haha.
'US' being Luvis, Bryan, Zhuang Yong, Xin Xiang, Shaun, Steiner, Jion Chun/Jeffrey/Jing Jiat/Jeremy=>slightly better.

And maybe should just change your name to start with 'J' to do slightly better LOL.
But still mediocre.HAHAHA

Need to change this awful trend of 2-6.

Monday, July 09, 2007

A Balance

Its not in the balance. Its awfuly titlted to one side long time ago and now its tilted to another. I think I have to always forsake something in order to gain something, or maybe gain something before losing somethings.

Feeling really off. Its nowhere here nor there only my Indian friend can understand cause he's in exactly the same situation and he feels the same. Pity him and me. Not feeling sad but can't feel happy. So i would rather say i'm sort of deviod of human feelings and emotions and its really bad.

Times when you are not feeling too good, i'll offer something. Now when i'm in this situation its not even words. Probably i shouldn't even ask for anything. Cause its all about giving isn't it? Cause it works the other way too when others are giving lots to me and i don't give more than a damn about them. Maybe its Karma maybe its all about the balance.

I thank my friends once again. And yes my mother.

I seriously don't know if next is pay back time or enjoy walawala time.

They say alwasy hope for the better. Do something when you feel like it.
Oh anyway not really into the emo state cause i can't even really tell how i'm feeling haha.

Friday, July 06, 2007


There are things you want to keep to yourself and there are things you want to let others know.

There are also things only meant for certain people to know.