Monday, April 30, 2007


Do you ever believe in fate/destiny?(anything else along the line which spells similar meaning)

Have you discovered patterns in your life that keeps reoccuring?
e.g Good->Achievement->On course for success-> Fail
Lousy/boring all the while-> turns out positive?

If yours doesn't at least mines do fit into this 'random occurance' of events. Times where i enjoy the most, it will either end up in pieces or total disappearance from my life. Times where i do not actually say i enjoy, it ends up positive in varying degrees.

I hope my time in Aj would not be wasted, i can mention here i don't fancy being in Aj, but as if i have a choice with my should i say unfortunate showing in my first try with cambridge.

I'm desparately hoping that this time, it would turn out positive. Anyways i used to think back then and recently that i'm made for big things in life. 'Unfortunately' my life thus far doesn't much support the thought. But I still feel so.

Today's BK session with my 1622mates+Kai Kai was enjoyable! And its coming to an end once again..

Monday, April 23, 2007

In The Same Plight

If talking degenerates, why talk.

I will talk less in school now, really since it degenerates me. Seriously the more i talk to luvis foo, the more i've found how much i have degenerated.

So why talk, since i think 93% of the school in my opinion is relatively useless.

Why 93% haha just a random number.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

From You

fickle fickle!

i love pple who are fickle, and it's YOU!!!


(i'll publish things from you)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Maybe they want to change

When i've blogged about something not exactly classified under happy/excited category, i'm not at all encourgaed by this page. If you feel the same!? You'll understand.


I chase- it comes and go.

I let go- still held at the throat.

I hold on- hangs loosely.

I remember- hurts me even more.

I listen- the more i'm confused.

I dislike- i still live on.

I cherish- it upsets.

I cherish- stays apart.

I certain- it fails me.

I laugh- upset.

I alone- nothing helps.

Seriously don't really know whats going on. Its really really important to get it right.If it fails, I fail.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Made To Break

I'm still goignt o do my maths and economics homework on ivle, simply becuase it can be done. Though having trainings/ match on both Monday and Tuesday didn't help with what i'm going through right now.

There are loads of things which can't be accessed, I've reflected my views on the survey which they left it there for me. At least maths teachers are intelligent enough to put slides if the videos didn't work. I did what i can and what i could have done.

And IVLE made be break my promise. I couldn't complete the work, having Chemistry SPA tomorrow is not helping either, together with the Ironman trainings, compounded with my poor sleeping habits these 2 days. What can be done? But i'm really sorry to break my promise. I can't complete chemistry even if i copied my notes over the phone as i still have to prepare for SPA after doing maths.

I guess i should stop reasoning and explaining and get down to do maths. Ciao.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I wonder

For a moment i wondered if i was on a 56K connection, so as the school's web portal is loading i decided to blog since there's nothing better to do, 10mins passed and its still loading the 'welcome' page.

Anyways, i do not believe in secrets. If it is a secret then don't tell anyone! Its the best way of keeping a secret. If you tell anyone, you're putting a stake on the character, discipline and tenacity of that person.

anyways the 'E-lecture' supposed to last 33min, but it took me more than 3 hours.

Don't have the mood to continue, i don't think i will finish the e-learning shit that cant load.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Resolutions 02

It may be late for this year, but not too late for my life.

It starts with:




4. TRYING HARD- FOR ALL MY COMMITMENTS(trying my best is overstating i thought)

Found no. 4 in two days, not bad i thought haha.

Many more to go which i have to discover.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


My Addidas boots tore, so after miserably taping it for many weeks, i decided to buy a new pair of boots, not top end i thought.

So considered many different models until i tried on this boot from my team mate, and i thought i loved it. So i went to Queensway to look for it i thought it was $159.

Haha but to my pleasure, it was at a discount of $125, only the latest colour-White/Silver cost $159.

Initially i thought the only one availiable was the striking yellow and green, but i went to other stalls and found this colour which i really like, but in the process i 'got attitude' by Salam and Sons, i think i'll never go there anymore. I bought at Weston in the end, they had all the colours, muahaha.

Here it is! :D