Saturday, February 18, 2006

Friday, February 17, 2006


you're in SC?

haha, time for some campaigning in VJ.
Today is the day where my classmate and GONG JIAO schoolmate did his intorduction to the house. Everything was going well for him, at least in my perspective.. He was lively and acting himself unlike some of the other nominees, but thats not really the point, there was this student councillor who made a very inappropriate RANDOM comment during the Q&A session.

While Al-gene was trying his best to answer a question posted by a senior, he started barking' yea we know what to vote for you, we know what to vote for you already' obviously, this was done in a very uncalled-for, uncivil, ungracious, unmannerly way. I think firstly he is in no position to do that( what gives you the authority to interfere in his response to the question), secondly he shouldn't do that( he is a councillor himself), thridly he has no reason to do that( what had he done to offend you). I think his name is francis? i mean why is he wearing the badge? If you want to make such comments, just stay out of the leadership board ... I mean you still shouldn't but at least you would avoid bringing opprobrium to the highest leadership board.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Well what we did for Catholic high, was to land her probably in Band 3 this year. Having enjoyed good results for 2 years, it wasn't good news definitely, 4 subjects below National average... haha. What did we do. Or rather how did we accomplish that..

I deserved my results, for the efforts I have placed.. Were there any efforts? haha. Now thinking of what alternatives suits me instead of choosing and making my choices.. What's the big deal about 3 sciences, as i have said during secondary 3, the difference is just one extra subject.. and at the end of the day, you may choose to forsake that subject.. haha


Friday, February 10, 2006

Killing time

Seriously, I have nothing much to do in VJC. I mean after school, albeit most of the time during school I have nothing to do too, especially due to my own preferred time table.

Due to my lack of activities after school, I decided to join a CCA with my dear friend gedeon.... Its known as Frisbee.... The training was lackluster, and disappointing. The 'training' ended approximately at 630, cos our 'captains' leg was allegedly sprained.... just how slack can a CCA get...

I want activities!!!

I would be getting my results later the day.. haha. I wan't feeling anything about it until that DAMN algene started reminding my classmates and I.. hiaz, but it would soon be over in approximately 4hrs time....

good luck to all.

Friday, February 03, 2006


I was home early today, as compared to the usual timings, despite felling languid and woozy, switched on my computer and aimlessly wandered to soccernet to read some football headlines...

I felt really bored, really really bored, took a blow from the shocking arsenal defeat, then realised that no one was online...

I began roaming from sites to sites, blogs to blogs...

Then I remembered a game site where I used to frequent in the past. The game was known as Xtreme Snowboard, i bet some of you would find it familiar, but i felt different this time when i played the game. it was not remarkably exciting or gladdening, but it brought back memories...
I could still remember that we were that desperate to play the game that we infact took turns. Today, I had the computer to myself, but somehow I just couldn't concentrate and react fast enough...

I reminisced about the days with debates, I could still recall myself playing this very game on the supposedly 'research computers'. It used to be an avenue to calm ourselves down before the competitions, however now it brought back memories.

Suddenly, I thought of my friends still preparing for the competition tomorrow, i wished I could be there, not exactly to help them, but to cheer them on or perhaps give a comments or two. But I couldn't.

All the best for the competition, my teammates, my friends...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I want
I want sleep (repeat this 10 times in your head)

Feel retarded or thinks that i'm retarded?

Try sleeping in MY room.

I slept an average of, say 5 hours a day through chinese new Year, and obviously i wanted to have a good sleep on my comfortable and warm bed.

Now seriously, put yourself in mY shoes.

When i lied down on my bed and closed my eyes, i heard JAY CHOU............. 's music, then a damn friggingly(my own word) horrible voice came to sing/rap his 2nd song in his new album.... my mind was like,

telling me ( shut the *beep* up la, damn your voice neigh-----bour)

my mind went chanting...

I want
I want sleep.

I think VJ has gotten into me, urghhhh...