Friday, February 17, 2006

you're in SC?

haha, time for some campaigning in VJ.
Today is the day where my classmate and GONG JIAO schoolmate did his intorduction to the house. Everything was going well for him, at least in my perspective.. He was lively and acting himself unlike some of the other nominees, but thats not really the point, there was this student councillor who made a very inappropriate RANDOM comment during the Q&A session.

While Al-gene was trying his best to answer a question posted by a senior, he started barking' yea we know what to vote for you, we know what to vote for you already' obviously, this was done in a very uncalled-for, uncivil, ungracious, unmannerly way. I think firstly he is in no position to do that( what gives you the authority to interfere in his response to the question), secondly he shouldn't do that( he is a councillor himself), thridly he has no reason to do that( what had he done to offend you). I think his name is francis? i mean why is he wearing the badge? If you want to make such comments, just stay out of the leadership board ... I mean you still shouldn't but at least you would avoid bringing opprobrium to the highest leadership board.

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