Monday, January 30, 2006

quality of the pictures not very good anyways

Sunday, January 29, 2006


It was a long time since I did some chit chatting with some of my friends, and went for some soccer after that. We played from 1pm-6pm, haha. First was at AXX's street soccer court where the vivacitors were unbeaten, despite challenges from the rowdy Gabrielites and fellow Gong Jiaos.

Team Viva were made up of,

-Steiner Low
-Ang Xin Xiang
-Cheung Wai Lun
-Koh Kai Yuan
-Zeng Zhuang Yong
-Jeffrey Tan
-Benedict Yeo

(cos some were subs, cos its like impossible to have 7 a side, for noobs info)

We suffered elbowing, heel-kicking, calf-kicking, ankle stepping, sandwiching...But we kept our cool to slam in powerful goals from the well crafted play of the Vivacitors. Without surprise, steiner scored most of the goals, however one would have noticed a change of style in his gameplay if present. The no. 10 opted for shot placing instead of the usual power. In the end, as i have mentioned, we went home unbeaten and went for further training at the field opposite Prime.

Vivacitors are proud to announce that a new force is uncovered within the squad. Please make further enquiries with Vivacitors' Public Relations officer.
(lol, i'm getting damn lame, save me pls)

Frankly speaking, i don't really know how or what to start with. Yes, i have a great angel from my senior class 05S15, but its like ralther irrelevant to S40. What should i say ??? I mean life is great so far, but it's messed up by a few people.
NO. 1====>>> tOOOO XiNgJi
Strictly speaking, actually he did not do anything that is seriously that bad, but i just freaking feel damn annoyed by his laughter, i mean like (no malice though), sometimes there will be these arses that wrecks the entire atmosphere in the class by adding some freakingly unecessary RANDOM comments.
NO. 2====>>> sIaoZ wEn
I know i've made errors in his name, but ehh, i'm not in the right mind to change it though. I mean from the first day when he 'intro-ed' himself, its like freaking obvious that he is 'like THAT', and people were saying don't be so bad and all those shit when gene and me were like saying that he's definitely an ass and everything.. but after the damn 2 weeks, everyone understands..
NO. 3=====>>> VS phenomenon
Maybe many of you would like to know what this is about. Just to make a clarification, i don't know if this applies to all from VS, but definitely from those in my class. They have a never miss/be late for lessons spirit that made me feel more than amazed. questions like this>>>>(never fails to come out from some of them) 'are we eating, cos if we don't eat now, we'll be late for class later', 'are you all skipping lessons again? (when we were like packing and getting ready to proceed to the tree house)'
NO. 4====>>>(its blank for a purpose, unable to comprehend? forget it)

I think i'm not in the right mind, but this is what i feel at those moments when incidents happened so please don't blame me.... Espicially Ma-lay-sian...hahha, (if you know what that means)

Friday, January 27, 2006


I've always wanted to be a fool, now i have an excuse to.

Seriously, this have been an extremely busy week for me, so many things had happened yet so little memories.

4 weeks into VJC and still not really sure of whatz to join,
4 weeks into VJC still thinking of Catholic high which had brought me joy
4 weeks into VJC haven't made much noise
4 weeks into VJC ....

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Starhub? Singtel?

Have anyone realised that I've not been online recently? (hope there is)

The reason is due to some incompetent companies who is the manufacturer of my broadband modem. Many of you would have been thinking, there is a helpdesk line or 24hr support that is available? Are you retarded, why didn't you use the support.

Damn the technology.

Now companies have switched to an electronic answering system which would never connect you to a person. I dialled the number 62780555, and held on to the phone for more than 2hrs, and I'm still listening to the music its playing for call waiting. What is this???

Alternatively, I've tried calling singtel and luckily after a good 15 minutes, a malay lady answered my call. However, the solutions they came up with had no use or whatsoever!!! Should I change to STARHUB? I've once helped my aunty fix her internet connection by calling STARHUB, the problem is solved after following a series of steps, and STARHUB is 24hrs, but not Singtel.

I mean these days certainly you have to provide quality service to customers when there are so many good bargains available, otherwise your customers would certainly opt for a better service isn't it. Moreover, I would be able to enjoy HUBBER BONUS if I sign up for Starhub broadband
Even when I'm able to come online, I would disconnect suddenly, and the feeling just sucks.

- have more technical staff to answer the calls
- Have a set of guidelines that can help home users to follow(make sure its effective)
- Change to Starhub.

I managed to have these posts as I typed it on MsWord, and paste it and post it when my internet connection is available. Pathetic isn't it.

Life after Gong Jiao

Finally i found time to update this blog of mines. After approximately 2 weeks of orientation in VJ, i think its time for a change. Eh, the change i'm talking about would not be in terms of personality or what, but the STYLE in blogging. I mean look at Bryan's blog, although its a bit sianZZ but its simple and clear. That's god isn't it? (yes it is)

Today, i've found time because i didn't go to school. I'm really tired man... I didn't want to skip school or what, but i feel really nauseous, so i decided to remain in bed. I managed to sleep till 3pm !!! I seriously felt more comfortable after the sleep.

Orientation was certainly fun, espicially during the cheers and dances. eh realise these are the activities not really involving my group??? My group had nice people, but they weren't the type who can talk, i mean orientation is the time to mix and have fun right? Why not just step up and enjoy yourselves and loosen up a bit? Certainly the OGLs had done a great job, attempts were made when we were not interacting, albeit not very successful at times, but i doubt i can do better. My OGLs are

- Ivan( Icomp chairman i think)
-Xiao Feng(from soccer girls)
-DD(eh TSD i think)

let's get over the dissapointing times, we managed to get quite close and were able to more or less gel as a group after 3 days!!! YEA!!! espicially on the day of the SEA games and the SUNTEC night. It was really special. Special notes to the suntec night,
-Shaun was no longer doing stone dance, but the VJ mass dance.
-Luvis came and danced with us(he skipped school in the morning)
-Kevin Teo came to join in the fun! ( hope that he works hard)
-We played 'tootoo train' around the fountain of wealth( lol)
-Shouting every groups cheer we hear
-Got to know Zhuang Yong group mates
-Got the opportunity to have females doing GONG JIAO cheer( never before right?)
as you can see, we certainly enjoyed ourselves during the night and got quite high, but the dissapointment was that Jion Chun left with his primary QING MEI ZHU MA friend( correct me if she's not) after that.

To quote Camillus a year ago, VJ totally rocks!!!

And thank you camillus for taking care of us, albeit you sound a bit weird to feel happy when alot of GONG JIAO people were coming to VJ.

Last but not least to thank my orientation group mates for the enjoyable 'first days' in VJ.
-Zhai Shuai