Thursday, January 12, 2006

Life after Gong Jiao

Finally i found time to update this blog of mines. After approximately 2 weeks of orientation in VJ, i think its time for a change. Eh, the change i'm talking about would not be in terms of personality or what, but the STYLE in blogging. I mean look at Bryan's blog, although its a bit sianZZ but its simple and clear. That's god isn't it? (yes it is)

Today, i've found time because i didn't go to school. I'm really tired man... I didn't want to skip school or what, but i feel really nauseous, so i decided to remain in bed. I managed to sleep till 3pm !!! I seriously felt more comfortable after the sleep.

Orientation was certainly fun, espicially during the cheers and dances. eh realise these are the activities not really involving my group??? My group had nice people, but they weren't the type who can talk, i mean orientation is the time to mix and have fun right? Why not just step up and enjoy yourselves and loosen up a bit? Certainly the OGLs had done a great job, attempts were made when we were not interacting, albeit not very successful at times, but i doubt i can do better. My OGLs are

- Ivan( Icomp chairman i think)
-Xiao Feng(from soccer girls)
-DD(eh TSD i think)

let's get over the dissapointing times, we managed to get quite close and were able to more or less gel as a group after 3 days!!! YEA!!! espicially on the day of the SEA games and the SUNTEC night. It was really special. Special notes to the suntec night,
-Shaun was no longer doing stone dance, but the VJ mass dance.
-Luvis came and danced with us(he skipped school in the morning)
-Kevin Teo came to join in the fun! ( hope that he works hard)
-We played 'tootoo train' around the fountain of wealth( lol)
-Shouting every groups cheer we hear
-Got to know Zhuang Yong group mates
-Got the opportunity to have females doing GONG JIAO cheer( never before right?)
as you can see, we certainly enjoyed ourselves during the night and got quite high, but the dissapointment was that Jion Chun left with his primary QING MEI ZHU MA friend( correct me if she's not) after that.

To quote Camillus a year ago, VJ totally rocks!!!

And thank you camillus for taking care of us, albeit you sound a bit weird to feel happy when alot of GONG JIAO people were coming to VJ.

Last but not least to thank my orientation group mates for the enjoyable 'first days' in VJ.
-Zhai Shuai

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