Thursday, January 12, 2006

Starhub? Singtel?

Have anyone realised that I've not been online recently? (hope there is)

The reason is due to some incompetent companies who is the manufacturer of my broadband modem. Many of you would have been thinking, there is a helpdesk line or 24hr support that is available? Are you retarded, why didn't you use the support.

Damn the technology.

Now companies have switched to an electronic answering system which would never connect you to a person. I dialled the number 62780555, and held on to the phone for more than 2hrs, and I'm still listening to the music its playing for call waiting. What is this???

Alternatively, I've tried calling singtel and luckily after a good 15 minutes, a malay lady answered my call. However, the solutions they came up with had no use or whatsoever!!! Should I change to STARHUB? I've once helped my aunty fix her internet connection by calling STARHUB, the problem is solved after following a series of steps, and STARHUB is 24hrs, but not Singtel.

I mean these days certainly you have to provide quality service to customers when there are so many good bargains available, otherwise your customers would certainly opt for a better service isn't it. Moreover, I would be able to enjoy HUBBER BONUS if I sign up for Starhub broadband
Even when I'm able to come online, I would disconnect suddenly, and the feeling just sucks.

- have more technical staff to answer the calls
- Have a set of guidelines that can help home users to follow(make sure its effective)
- Change to Starhub.

I managed to have these posts as I typed it on MsWord, and paste it and post it when my internet connection is available. Pathetic isn't it.

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