Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Its not an emotion. Its a feeling.

Its very special, it simply surges through my chest to push the feeling up into my head and to the eyes.

The more i think of it, the more reptitions there would be.

I'm becoming stronger haha, i can withstand the emotion to continue talking.

Alphabets can't carry intentions and emotions.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Form is temporary, Class is permanent

Look at the title of this post! Its from something Jeffrey once said, and it bears great resonance to what i felt as i had my long hours of break and also when i stepped out of the college.

I do not need moment of brilliances. I need class. In all aspects once again.

How to do that? Hopefully i can work it out.

Things which happened in school today were really heartening.

I discovered during a casual conversation with my friends that AJ actually breeds elitism as much as any other top colleges. Won't elaborate since its not my focus.

I'm edging closer to doing well in my A levels day by day. At least i think so, though the process is rather terribly slow of course. eh but i think slow progress is better than no progress. Nevertheless, its due to various commitments and interests. Well, its part of life and learning, so yea.

Today is a good day.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good day Bad day

Isn't a good day today.

Something with my family.

Something in the school.

Haha. Seriously why get so worked up? Why employ desperate and extreme measures?

Wasn't really neccessary i thought. But its their choice, not mines.

Let it be then. There's always a way out.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Eh by the way, i don't post lyrics for the sake of posting lyrics.

There's certain point i feel or would want to make in the lyrics that i have pasted.

I don't mean to hit a certain number of posts or anything.

If you care to know.

Awfully fantastic-Better

G N' R

No one ever told me when I was alone They just thought I'd know better, better No one ever told me when I was alone They just thought I'd know better, better
The hardest part This troubled heart Has never yet been through now We've healed the scars That got their start Inside someone like you now
Well had I known Or I'd been shown back when how long it’d take me To break the charms That brought me harm And all that won't erase me
I never would Not that I could No matter what you'd pay me Replay the part You stole my heart I should have known you're crazy

If all I knew was that with you I'd want someone to save me It'd be enough But just my luck I fell in love and baby all that I wanted was

Now I know you better
You know I'd know better
Now I, know you better

So bittersweet
This tragedy Won't ask for absolution This melody Inside of me Still searches for solution
A twist of fate A change of heart Cures my infatuation A broken heart Provides the spark for my determination

No one ever told me when I was alone They just thought I'd know better, better ohh No one ever told me when I was alone They just thought I'd know better, better

All that I wanted was

I know you know you know better You know I know you know better Yeah you know me better


I never wanted you to be so full of anger I never wanted you to be somebody else I never wanted you to be someone afraid to know themselves I only wanted you to see things for yourself


All that I wanted was Now I know you better Now we all know better All that I wanted was (Solo)

If I were you I’d manage to Abhor the invitation Of promised love That can’t keep up With your adoration
Just use your head And in the end You’ll find your inspiration To choose your steps That won't regret This kind of aggravation

No one ever told me when I was alone They just thought I'd know better, better No one ever told me when I was alone They just thought I'd know better, better

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Awfully fantastic.

They are really good. Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy!!! Really way too damn good.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What's fate?

Now today, after CDC i just didn't feel like taking a bus home.
So i started walking the usual route from J8 to Catholic High.
I crossed the road as usual like i've always done 2 years ago.
As i was about to reach the other side, having the zebra crossing as the only thing that's separating me and the other side of the road...

So what's this 'Mercedes-Benz-SLR-McLaren' got to do with this?

It zoomed past me, inches away from my feet, while i was about to cross the zebra crossing. (its a silver one by the way)
Certain ideas flooded my mind.
I continued to walk to reach Catholic High.
I stood at the gate for a moment reminsicing what i've accomplished and have not accomplised at this very place.
I continued walking in the prime direction.

And i saw the driver.
He was waiting for someone at the block beside Catholic High.

Who is he?

A f***-tard with some oakley shades.
I didn't break his windscreen or anything.
I bought a packet of soyabean from prime.
And i continued walking.

Logic can't explain certain things or rather many things.
A f***-tard driving a SLR. I'm walking my ass off from CDC (though its my choice to walk, could have easily boarded a ride that cost 45 cents).

It's just fate. Just live your life. If it's yours, it's yours. I'm alright.

Oh and i'm trying to post a letter for like 3 days and i just keep on forgetting.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Something about setbacks

You always get to know something new whenever things do not go your way, sooner or later.

Was not feeling that bad that i couldn't go to school today, but just didn't feel like going and its an insane day with quite a few hours of break. Moreover, i felt like i'm in need of a rest, so i did it.

And i got to know something about this as well. Something about something else when i wasn't going to school.

Funny isn't it. heh.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I guess everyone is pretty caught up with theri busy lives, in their own ways on some lan shops, some settlers cafe, the hockey semi-D, bowling alley, in the river(not on, cause always capsize), or holding a racquet on the tennis courts, or maybe on field like i do.

Anyways, thats not the main point, its all about having some activities to help you get on with your lives. Who needs hockey, bowling, kayaking, tennis or soccer in the future. Unless you are like Theo-Walcott probably getting 60,000 per week or David Beckham 500,000 PER WEEK.

So here i am or rather recently, i'm stting sights for the future and getting on with things that probably help me to get on with my life, if any of you guys are interested to know.

I'm getting back what is mine's or rather currently getting something that should have been mine's. At least for the moment being, i do not mind as long as i'm featured in some parts of the plan yea, the number on top says it all about this paragraph.

Probably i'll be Rio. But i'll work on my free-kicks from 1/2 way line and get a little insane on this aspect.

Given a chocie i wouldn't want a captain beside me.

And really i pretty much like company offered by you, and really you are significant in my life. I hope its not only for the moment but for a very long period of time yea.

I dare to speak.

Friday, January 12, 2007


The lyrics of the song if you guys don't get cantonese. Since its cantonese lyrics, some words doesn't make alot of sense but majority does. Its a must listen.














































Thursday, January 11, 2007

2nd Week

Nothing much, just want to say that i love watching movies with you.

Anyways, i'm feeling it. Just hope that its not wrong this time.

Tilt it to my favour. Please.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Putting it behind.

It's a new year.

Four days into new year, problems had already surfaced.

In 2006, i was wondering if i still had the necessary problem solving skills. Problem solving skills as in real life problem solving skills. Because there were really very few problems with such apparent need for attention.

It's going to get out of my way, albeit unsure whether the resolution favours me. I just have to look for alternative divines to mitigate the circumanstances faced.

Its time to complete what's left undone.