Friday, January 26, 2007

Form is temporary, Class is permanent

Look at the title of this post! Its from something Jeffrey once said, and it bears great resonance to what i felt as i had my long hours of break and also when i stepped out of the college.

I do not need moment of brilliances. I need class. In all aspects once again.

How to do that? Hopefully i can work it out.

Things which happened in school today were really heartening.

I discovered during a casual conversation with my friends that AJ actually breeds elitism as much as any other top colleges. Won't elaborate since its not my focus.

I'm edging closer to doing well in my A levels day by day. At least i think so, though the process is rather terribly slow of course. eh but i think slow progress is better than no progress. Nevertheless, its due to various commitments and interests. Well, its part of life and learning, so yea.

Today is a good day.

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