Sunday, January 21, 2007

What's fate?

Now today, after CDC i just didn't feel like taking a bus home.
So i started walking the usual route from J8 to Catholic High.
I crossed the road as usual like i've always done 2 years ago.
As i was about to reach the other side, having the zebra crossing as the only thing that's separating me and the other side of the road...

So what's this 'Mercedes-Benz-SLR-McLaren' got to do with this?

It zoomed past me, inches away from my feet, while i was about to cross the zebra crossing. (its a silver one by the way)
Certain ideas flooded my mind.
I continued to walk to reach Catholic High.
I stood at the gate for a moment reminsicing what i've accomplished and have not accomplised at this very place.
I continued walking in the prime direction.

And i saw the driver.
He was waiting for someone at the block beside Catholic High.

Who is he?

A f***-tard with some oakley shades.
I didn't break his windscreen or anything.
I bought a packet of soyabean from prime.
And i continued walking.

Logic can't explain certain things or rather many things.
A f***-tard driving a SLR. I'm walking my ass off from CDC (though its my choice to walk, could have easily boarded a ride that cost 45 cents).

It's just fate. Just live your life. If it's yours, it's yours. I'm alright.

Oh and i'm trying to post a letter for like 3 days and i just keep on forgetting.

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