Friday, December 30, 2005

TOP 15 Females 2005

If you don't know who are they ask me, i didn't bother to type in the things they did in 2005, as that would need some research. Research=Time , i'm Lazy. 15 is the 1st picture and 1st in my list is this lady in orange above.

It's all in my opinion, don't scold me or what please, i missed out some though.

15) Lindsay Lohan
14)Gigi Lai
13) Jessica Alba
12)Charlie Yeung
11) Feng Yuan Zhen
10) Ashlee Simpson
9) Nicole Kidman
8)Lin Zhi Ling
7)Lin Xi Lei
6)Evonne Hsu
5)Keira Kinghtley
4)Rain Lee
3)Mong Kar Wai
2)Michelle Reis
1)Chung Kar Yan

Almost 66.67% are chinese females! Although undoubtedly there are many beautiful and gorgeous models and personnels, these are the top 15!

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