Monday, April 30, 2007


Do you ever believe in fate/destiny?(anything else along the line which spells similar meaning)

Have you discovered patterns in your life that keeps reoccuring?
e.g Good->Achievement->On course for success-> Fail
Lousy/boring all the while-> turns out positive?

If yours doesn't at least mines do fit into this 'random occurance' of events. Times where i enjoy the most, it will either end up in pieces or total disappearance from my life. Times where i do not actually say i enjoy, it ends up positive in varying degrees.

I hope my time in Aj would not be wasted, i can mention here i don't fancy being in Aj, but as if i have a choice with my should i say unfortunate showing in my first try with cambridge.

I'm desparately hoping that this time, it would turn out positive. Anyways i used to think back then and recently that i'm made for big things in life. 'Unfortunately' my life thus far doesn't much support the thought. But I still feel so.

Today's BK session with my 1622mates+Kai Kai was enjoyable! And its coming to an end once again..

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