Sunday, April 01, 2007


My Addidas boots tore, so after miserably taping it for many weeks, i decided to buy a new pair of boots, not top end i thought.

So considered many different models until i tried on this boot from my team mate, and i thought i loved it. So i went to Queensway to look for it i thought it was $159.

Haha but to my pleasure, it was at a discount of $125, only the latest colour-White/Silver cost $159.

Initially i thought the only one availiable was the striking yellow and green, but i went to other stalls and found this colour which i really like, but in the process i 'got attitude' by Salam and Sons, i think i'll never go there anymore. I bought at Weston in the end, they had all the colours, muahaha.

Here it is! :D

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