Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Made To Break

I'm still goignt o do my maths and economics homework on ivle, simply becuase it can be done. Though having trainings/ match on both Monday and Tuesday didn't help with what i'm going through right now.

There are loads of things which can't be accessed, I've reflected my views on the survey which they left it there for me. At least maths teachers are intelligent enough to put slides if the videos didn't work. I did what i can and what i could have done.

And IVLE made be break my promise. I couldn't complete the work, having Chemistry SPA tomorrow is not helping either, together with the Ironman trainings, compounded with my poor sleeping habits these 2 days. What can be done? But i'm really sorry to break my promise. I can't complete chemistry even if i copied my notes over the phone as i still have to prepare for SPA after doing maths.

I guess i should stop reasoning and explaining and get down to do maths. Ciao.

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