Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Project Work

Everyone is so busy with their Oral Presentation for their project work. Seriously i have no idea why they are practicing over and over again everyday, everyweek since 2 weeks ago. Im not saying that ots not necessary, but 3 prepared rehearsals are more than enough. There's just no better way to make your classmates bored by introducing them to your 'fantastic' idea every other day.

If every presentation is like DOA, i wouldn't mind, but come on hyroponics, aeroponics, water, racial harmony what more? It's retarded and dumb to go to school to listen to such presentations at 8 everyday when its suppose to be your holidays. I will never do it.

I have nothing more to say and wish you all the best of luck for your Oral Presentations and also 'those' taking your A levels.

If everyone cared by nickelback is quite decent, just realised.

Off to school to hand in some dicky consent form -.-

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