Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today was a great day, apart from the fact that i had to wake up early and hurry to Yishun for yet another 4hours of tuition. Good news and bad news for myself, the hours would soon grow and become 6.

Ironically, I have no desire to teach but I have an unconventional liking for sharing knowledge. The two seems to be identical, but they are simply similar. Put yourself to my position, imagine having to stay 6 hours or probably 6 hours and thrity minutes for movement from one block to another TWO TIMES A WEEK in a Yishun town. (No malice to Yishun, i love the statue in the park that i can see from the train)

I have 3 students on hand now.
First student is rather inteligent but poor in the subject. He makes little attempt to improve on his work but understands what i'm saying all the time. He would change if i 'drop a hint or two' to his mother.
Second student is pretty good for his age at the subject, sad to say he's a bit gay. From my experience in Catholic High, if he doesn't meet some good company he would stay gay all his live. The third, from my first impression he has got attitude, and I like it. It would probably be tough to 'teach' but ya I just like the attitude. Its boring for me and you to talk about all this shit. (glad that you've gone so far)

Hey man, but corny as it seems, me having a 36.25 (take note of the 0.25 its important!) university score IS a successful tutor.

Success Inspires Success
(I shall end here as the post is getting no where, this is what you get when you want to type a decent long entry and it somehow got fucked up because you didn't think it out)

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