Wednesday, November 01, 2006

wo shi OSCAR

Yea, interview to be an OGL. Great getaway from the first week of school! CIP hours + time to relax= YAY!

It was fast, went on time started on time, ended early had some fun amusing the 'panel'.

Took questions like a breeze, but maybe haha, as i've told JJ look at the form can already =p.

Gave the right answers they wanted and know that they were happy haha, but the talking to ruler part was quite retarded la. My first was to the ruler, the rest was to them, its all the same.

Anyways dicky Jion Chun interupted, but its still the same as the OSCAR winner never faltered, it gave me some time to take a break lol.

Random stuff apart, OP is really retarded whats the point of presenting everyday? In my opinion, I think self preparation and around 5 rehearsals are more than enough.. Hate it.

Signed my result slip -.-

Money here I come! (freaking random HAHA)

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