Monday, June 05, 2006

The Will

Yea, let's talk about the will to study. Yes, we all know mid-years are coming and all, but how much have we done or rather have I done in preparation for that???

I clock an unsurprising 0 hours in week 1 studying. muahaha .

But how can i study in this big fat irritating self-created mess??? Books, caps, newspapers, t-shirts, O lvls text, files, weights, tooth-brush(new ones), deodourant, untouched TYSes, macdonald happy meal's toy(I don't know why i bought it), milk bottle, ankle guards, specs box, money, watch, photos, school tie, pipette filler, soccer boots chassis, watch, soft toys..

Someone, someone... help me clear this mess... so that i can find another reason for noot touching my books...

I'm going to be KOALA BEAR now. bye. 3.40 it is, good morning.

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