Friday, June 02, 2006

week 1

yupz, been out everyday this week, quite happy though cause i've spent time with my friends. And i think its time for me to blog about things happened this week lest i forget about it.

Went to shop basically, for soccer boots, world cup jerseys, rackets, ethernet wires, bryan wong's present ... yeah.
Wo yao sports bag... but all the designs like shit...

Today we were talking about an aquaintance from gong jiao, he's probably the NEXT BIG THING, none other than the Paul Twohill now in the last 12 of singapore idol. I still remember knowing him from my bus rides to gong jiao. Not the usual bus rides, but those when we were late. Never have i thought of that this guy, 10 months ago, sitting with me at the void deck opposite gong jiao in the morning would appear on national tv..haha. If we were late, we wouldn't want to get screwed by the teachers and all, so we would wait till the dogs in school to clear off for lessons before we step into the school. muahaha, i was always late, but never once caught after secondary 1.

When i was in secondary 1, i didn't know of the tricks to evade the prefects and all, so all i can do is get caught and see the discipline master.. haha, but nevertheless, with all this records, i still manage to get my posts in the council, debates and library.. muahahahha.

oh ya, ben and jerry's ice-cream rocks la. although its like 11.50 for say 4 scoops... muahah, had my share today!!

oh and i ate lots of cup noodles this few days for lunch.. cause i'm too lazy to go down and buy food.. hope the msg doesn't take its toll on me in he future..

oh and today, while we were at polar designing Wong's present, we saw the ledgendary rachel. It goes like this:

we were sitting at polar, cause we designing wongs cap>>then we bought curry puffs cause we needed some purchase to sit there>> but b4 i took a bite, i saw a familiar face, the face 've seen so many times during my brief spell at vj, during all the breaks, whether it was self declared or not>>'rachel' i said>>gedeon turned his head, oh ya rachel>>she was in her fbt high cut and pheonix house tee>>rachel looks at us and walks off to suntec.

i took out my going to be trade-in phone and called shuan heng. haha he was so damn jealous.. muahah. Rachel is yours shaunny, we just so happen to see her. =D

anyways, i'll be uploading wong's cap in a few days, designed and tested by chief designer ANG, head of logistics ME and model JIA DE. muahah, its freaking cool, i think any random jamal, zul, ahmad would want to own one of this trucker cap. Its so cool.

This posts is damn random la, haha, just to prevent myself from forgetting what i did this week. WO YAO SPORTS BAG!!!

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