Saturday, July 08, 2006


My school is killing me, i don't really know why, its eating me up, bit by bit, pieces by pieces, part by part.

Headache is killing me, its not the sleep, but the heat..

Something that i'm searching for has arrived, but i don't kknow if i should pick it up or let it stay there and go by, time is what i need..

But i've realised that i don't treasure time, so what am i asking for.

I would never know, neither will anyone know..

Something that i treasure for long seems to be losing its significance, should i keep it as it is or should i let it go.

Am i an individualist, or am i a team player? I don't know.

Should i devote time and start working for what i want, or should I allow the time to go by.

can you help me with it?

I'm having a strong dislike over something i've picked up over the last 6 months, but its strong, i don't think i can ever leave it where it was, it needs a blast.. Should i create it or let it take its course?

What have all this make up to?

I'm the one in control, no one can stop me if i want to.

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