Sunday, July 09, 2006

Does it really matter

Yeah, my mother has no qualms to me getting a new racket!!! So bloody shocking.

Sometimes, its just about one asking for the favour i guess. I wanted to get a new racket since 3months ago, only until now, did i have the courage to ask. Maybe you may wonder, where is the courage needed? But for me, it is. I hate to ask for favours, or rather i dislike being in the position of the weak. So much for being a man right? Yes i do wonder sometimes would i be better of being a woman, then i will not do sports and get myself so tan and all. Ok, yes that's 'how far' i've thought of being a woman, i still like being a man, or a guy. If only i could do what i think in my mind, or rather not hesitate when any idea strikes me.

It took me months to garner the strength to ask for the favour, at first i was just intending to ask for the permission, and pay myself for the bloody expensive tool for the sport. But, to confess, i have to many 'wants' and thus i just felt like using the money on other stuff, and have my mother to pay for it =p.

This is just so apt to our lives, everyday lives. Sometimes, there are certain wants that would like to possess or have, but we just lack the courage to undertake the risk, no matter how NOT significant the risk is. Or maybe sometimes, even when the risk have been minimised. Who knows, it might just be your lucky day and you get yourself something special.

Offers are not always there, just like if you have not saved before hand, you would have missed out big action from the Great Singapore Sale. Things change and people change, there isn't any 'right time' or 'right moment' where suddenly everthing would work as you dream in your sleep. It's about realising and appreciating your own efforts, when you think you have had enough bargaining power or when others have acknowledge your progress, go for it. It might just past by and you lose a wonderful or maybe eventful experience.

Even if it didn't work out your way, at least you've tried and you wouldn't perhaps regret in the future and say 'I should have..' or 'It could have been..'

Point is, uncertainty is always there, its only a question about how well you are prepared to face it. And in certain things or cases, preparation isn't even needed, just make a statement and see the result, simple as that.

I've gained(saved) 200 over dollars for speaking up, what have you? So does it really matter if any party speaks up first?(In my case my mother offerring me a change of racket and me voicing it out first)

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