Saturday, May 13, 2006

vesak day

Yea, it all started from waking up late for tennis with darryl, jion chun and jing jiat... Didn't want to go actually, as i convieniently switched off my alarm clock when it sounded at say 745( i'm supposed to be there by 8 =D, which is not really possible even if i woke up on time). Yea, then woke up at 830 because i remembered i had to pass something to darryl, so its better not to delay and all. Reached at 9. After say 30 touches, time was up. Went off to Yio Chu Kang market to grab some breakfast and all... After that, i didn't know why, was it responisbility or sense of belonging or whatever it is, i followed Jion Chun to NTUC, in hope to pick up food for todays BBQ... But the outcome was dissapointing and all after a one hour wait for Jia De, Zhi Wen and Zhi Tao... still want to say that we smell =s

Whatever it is, rushed home and took a shower, and rushed out to meet Foo and Kenneth. They were in town waiting for me for an hour an all. Really sorry, it wasn't intentional hahha, although its becoming a NORM that i'm late or what. Queued for 40mins for MI:3 tickets, to find that we have left with front row seats, so we decided to leave for bugis instead. Fuck.

Then we picked up specs for Kenneth as he wanted a makeover and all. So i felt that i can do my part by giving hi some comments and all, haha. Managed to get decent seats at Bugis. The movie didn't have much plot or what la, but the action was great and there was Maggie Q and all, so whatever it is.

Went to suntec next to join THE GROUP for dinner at pizza hut, and went to chill out after that. Usual things that we do, although once again, the bestest friends gang decided to leave out Jia De once more. muahahahah.

Oh and its late by then, and after talking session for maybe 2 hours, we decided to leave... and bye. And i woke up at this time in the morning to type this post.

Skimpy post, without real details and insights and all, haha, but nevermind, cos THE GROUP's outing is all the same and enjoyable, yea. Jion Chun cheer up k? And Jing Jiat stop daring me and all, it doesn't work. =p

Go shaunny. Thrash that wanglihom, lookalike. For Gong Jiao, for us. =D

bye. time for dental

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