Tuesday, May 16, 2006

photos don't lie

yea, it was this day where i've decided to edit all the photos and develop it... all the pictures that we have taken.

i'm not a gay or what that i like to take photos, but eh i think its the only way to track your feelings and emotions at any point of time. isn't it?

going through the photos, i've realised that the best moments so far was the last day at VJ... haha, i don't know why, and probably nobody will know. At that time, all of us that were leaving know that we would be leaving, but we were still enjoying ourselves very much; seen from the photos.

and eh i kind of having many coincidences this week. I dunno if this is the way to go, nothing wrong with making friends i know, i would like to know more individuals too, and maybe we can see what we can develop from there. But the situation is awkward and all, i dunno how to put it in a few words, maybe only luvis can understand. And Jing jiat, thx for offering to treat me and pay for my meals and all, but i think you know that i won't take it... i mean nevermind. and you know that i'm 'nuah' .. don't take advantage of that please.. i understand what you are trying to do, and i don't reject the idea and all, but.... something is just missing.. somewhere somehow.

get well soon jion chun. jeffrey, take a good break. gedeon and shaun, go for it haha. bryan wong kaiyang relax(in different context though). Kenneth, continue to work hard. Luvis, perservere in what you believe in. Jing jiat, find something meaningful to you in life. Zhuangyong, carry on. King Chee, carry out whatever you have in mind. Axx, try to get back to where you once were.

sounds like a saint huh. i'm such a loser.

yea, i'm loving the snacks store in AJ, it saved me that day by selling me 3 panadols. Also, the cafe with all the wonderful puffs that made my day. haha.

mediocre guy i am. mediocre student i am. not the best that you can have.

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