Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Today, back to the normal posting, as i've come to realised that i was on a r0ck3R mood for the past week, not my usual self. After a few days of cooling down, i'm back to my normal self, and time to have some normal posts. Haha, if anyone of you is wondering how i cool down, it is fairly simple. Watch a late night movie, probably with a friend, go for supper, then stay awake till you can't take it. Sleep. Wake up, do something you like, stay up till you can't take it. Sleep.

Sounds dumb and stupid isn't it? But it works, when you are DAMN i mean damn tired, you start to think of something else and be out of the so called current state.for me, it works after 3 days, go out, sleep late, go out, sleep late.

Soon, i realise that many people tell lies, whether it is WHITE or 'BLACk'(no such thing) lie. End of the day, its still a lie. What's the big deal about telling lies? (some people may say) But the problem is A lie will just lead to another lie, soon it will lead to another lie, soon it becomes a habit. Hard to kick this habit i believe, it is so primarilly because its nothing physical, its the mind. One would have to convince his mind that A lie is bad, no matter for whatever purposes.

Let's make it work with some examples.

E.g PARENTS: How's your exams?
SON: Ok lo. ( in reality he barely passed the exams)
next day
PARENTS: Why are you not coming home for dinner?
SON: O.o my friend is having a birthday party. (went out with friends)
next day
SON: I need a new phone.
SON: oh, the speaker of the phone doesn't work( he heated his phone with hair dryer)

Ok, i know the examples sucks. I'm not a good liar. ( LOL, its the truth, HAHAH)

But what we've seen is that there is a progressive tendency of the SON making up lies. It is all about denying facts initially, but soon, it moves into an ACTION before a LIE, lies becomes more 'physical'... in the sense that you would do more to tell a liE after it becomes a habit. SO STOP TELLING LIES.

But all the above is based on many assumptions. Anyway, the message is STOP TELLING lies and stop convincing yourself that the LIE won't HURT. On the contrary, it hurts most when a lie is discovered by the person you have been lying to. And soon, as you tell more lies, one would try to fabricate more lies to cover the initial LIES that have been told. Soon, lies would run out and one would be in REAL DEEP SHIT.

That's all. Educational? Inspirational? Fictional? Helpful? Untrue?

You be the judge. LOL, very serious HUH.

I ROCK, but not a r0ck3R. Sorry, r0ck3R no more.

Yep, and i don't and never lie to my friends.

"With lies you may go ahead in the world - but you can never go back"

Russian Proverb

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