Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Yeah, after so many posts and after the movie, i began thinking of what my future girlfriend would be like, or rather what i hope my future girlfriend should be like. I haven't told anyone about this thingy before, as it is uh, too interesting.

The movie was the RU GUO AI, actually, it doesn't stimulate one to think of their future partner or whatever like that, but after the movie, i just began thinking along the lines and reach this topic.

Haaha, the friends that i had, only one was like this. Meaning, was what i actually hope to find in future, but that's the past anyway and nothing much continued after the break. Many friends i have go for beauty...

OMG i can't continue, i dunno what to type, maybe talking in person would be more relaxing. I dunno what should i type and what i shouldn't so i think better to forget it... sorry LOL

and sorry Luvis, didn't watch RU GUO AI with you.

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