Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Yesterday night would be history, i would certainly remember that night, albeit for many reasons. Photos we took would definitely remind us of the great friends we have had, and would certainly bring back fond memories in the future. Altough there was fun, there was dissapointment as well.

Firstly, can we form an equation that states, have faith= trust? (take a moment to think whether it works, it will help you to undersatnd this rather abstract post better)

Yeah, i think this is certainly workable, as if you have faith in the person, you would trust the person. But in reality, one says that he trust the person, but doesn't really have faith in him. So it totally disproves the theory isn't it? This is reality, but we have already agreed upon the fact that have faith= trust isn't it ? but what is the fucking problem(sorry for the vulgarity, i've stopped using it anyways) then? hahah, after some consideration, my brilliant brain has given me the answer. This scenario can't happen as i seriously think that the equation doesn't work another way. You can't possibly have faith in the person and do not trust the person, simply YOU ARE LYING. I've been deprived of my life when i was in catholic high, although i myself committed myself to it, but now what? I am still fucked up isn't it? Just because i never gone against you you think that i can't? what the fuck, you know me good enough. The problem doesn't lies in the fact that you don't trust me or what, just fucking don't give some damned reasons that you know won't decieve my brain. I promise, this is the last time i'm going to compromise...

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved"
George Macdonald

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