Monday, November 28, 2005

Catholic High

Time flies... tomorrow will be the graduation for the secondary 4's from catholic high school. It's been long awaited by many people. Many who used to be normal students( poser=QINGWEN=not normal) have visited orchard or various shopping malls to update their wardrobe. Most of us would be thinking of ways to exploit that night, i mean yeah, exploit. But what about after that night? Would you walk differently? Would you talk in a different manner? Would you forget your friends?Would you be a different person?Would you forget your juniors? Would you forget your teachers?

As a matter of fact, i think there wouldn't be a change, at least for those who don't want to change. Certainly there are regrets in this school, at least for myself, but it had brought us fun and joy. Many of us(i mean 4/8, as i know of) have committed ourselves to the future programmes of catholic high, i've wondered whether this 'deal' as i would call it, comes out sincerely from our hearts or do we think it is a chore to fulfill? I mean for those who have benefitted, more or less its our of appreciation and worst to worst treat it as a return of favour, however, for certain people, i mean a SMALL group, why have hey made the choice?

I'm not questioning about why people are doing this by the way. This actually leads us to what i want to say. Would there be peole backing out? Are our hearts truly with GONG JIAO?

we never know.

Maybe i will be the one backing out. One never knows.

hahah, why am i writing such things??? haha, maybe 7hrs of DOTA spoiled my brain...

"Unless you can find some sort of loyalty, you cannot find unity and peace in your active living"
Samuel Butler

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