Monday, January 07, 2008

I think I know.

The way you are brought up will seriously impact your life. Your life being friends you make, people you hang out with, the people whom you talk to, things you talk about, way you veiw certain issues, leisure activities, contents in rubbish talk...

I've realised i can't take cantonese out of my life seriously, as in the language rather the dialect.
Its just too into me, 18years and running. After the concert, Jacky Cheung concert, i'm pretty damn sure of this feeling that i've been having, it just seems so much closer with cantonese, if you get what i mean.

And i just lead a family lifestyle which is very different from average families, i don't hate it but its just different. To just take this word from jionchun 'knowledge' , its not the 'knowledge' but instead the activities and lifestyle which brought this 'knowledge' to me.

So i think i know, she must know cantonese, or i need to leave.

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