Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Haven't been doing much haha, soccer, movies, stay overs, walk walk, excercise.

That's about it.

Don't feel like typing aything serious or whatsoever, just not in the mood isn't it? Life's so carefree.

Everybody is going on holidays, and i'm going off too, soon.

Hong Kong it is, yes again, hahah but i quite like the atmosphere there, and maybe this time round can experience the night life there cos' i'm sorta 'grown up' =))

Anyway, i need to organise my life, seriously. Too much woohaa this 3 years. Have to be more concerned with my life rather than other peoples'. A lil sorry that i didn't make full use of 3 years. But nevermind, i'll live a long life haha, so 3 years might just be alright.

Still missing pieces in my life. Working on it.

(I'm serious not EMO haha, just need to meet me in person to realise)

Oh, and seriously didn't go home club to crash post prom, haha but i bet no one will believe. Seriously went there with luvis to drink. Though actually brought shirt to change if my friends considered going some other clubs, but since they chose to stay at home club, haha didn't bother to change out of my polo=).

Quite funny seeing people get drunk, and some unimaginable scenes of scholars getting seriously high haha. Too bad i didn't bring a camera, surely i could have asked for some money with the photos =P. Got a lil high mid way thru it, after dancing and all, but never got tipsy/drunk or anything like that. I don't know whats wrong with me, haha, really really really really hard to get drunk. Drank a lil last night but don't even feel a shit of the alcohol LOL.

But some aj girls drink till cannot maintain seriously. HAHA, shall keep my mouth shut and not type names lol.

Have fun for those on holidays, try to enjoy for those who are working and 'move around' for serious serials watchers.

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