Saturday, November 10, 2007


So last night i made this decision to go to the airport to have dinner with my friends who were already there studying. Travelled from north to east.

A little out of my mind, but it just shows how much love i have for you guys HAHA.

Anyways, the plan initially was just dinner, but they suggested to study, so i packed my bag and moved. I knew there isn't a possibility that we can really study together, we'll definitely talk, so that was what happened all night long. Took 3 meals of Macs there -.- and left to take a rest at Jeffrey's place before going home early in the morning.

But somewhere in between, we've talked about how significant A levels is to your life, will it be a measure of success, or a determinant of success. Its not really that interesting, but rather amusing to see two 18year olds in the midst of taking A levels talking about this.

Anyway, what i think is that it is not a determinant of success and certainly not a measure of success, not simply because i'm not at the top end of results at the moment, but my believe as always. Yes, perhaps its a measure of success for a student, are we students? I think we're not, we're made to do a thousand things and study, so we're not merely students haha. You can grind out 4As, 3months of intense studying will give you that. But you can't develop personalities and character. But hardwork definitely pays, regardless of context. I'd rather say hardwork is a determinant of success, certainly so.

Whatever it is i will still prepare for the remaining papers just like how i've always done it, haha A levels is just another examination to me, if i can do excellent GOOD, if not, let's just move on. I couldn't care less what other people's grades are as long as i can get into varsity and do some decent course. Wish the aspiring lawyers, dentists, doctors, pharmacists whatever, good luck.

Realise the assumption?

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