Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm really free.

Last 20 Searchengine Queries Unique Visitors

20 Apr, Fri, 19:25:31 Google: Dose any end just if you the means?
25 Apr, Wed, 13:00:48 Google: wicked sick godlike unstoppable mega kill
25 Apr, Wed, 16:03:08 Google: MMMONSTER KILL
30 Apr, Mon, 17:30:29 Technorati: 3D
06 May, Sun, 12:38:16 Google: Celine Dion "how can I live without you"
06 May, Sun, 17:03:52 Google: showing gratitude and compliment
07 May, Mon, 12:25:43 Google: zhuang yong vjc
08 May, Tue, 09:13:55 Google: nudge often program
10 May, Thu, 13:42:04 Google: maggie q xanga
14 May, Mon, 02:30:40 Google: spining rides
16 May, Wed, 19:22:58 Google: zhuang yong vjc
18 May, Fri, 21:44:19 Google: 3 days fit linzhi
19 May, Sat, 02:25:28 Google: Kenneth Monday "Kenneth Monday"
22 May, Tue, 13:37:39 Google: may not send nudge
30 May, Wed, 20:38:59 Technorati: 3D
01 Jun, Fri, 00:00:04 Google: fuel "all you dream falls on me" meaning
02 Jun, Sat, 07:32:39 Google: MM-Monster kill
06 Jun, Wed, 09:45:24 Google: aworldforfriends
10 Jun, Sun, 13:01:55 Google: the hardest part is over lyric
14 Jun, Thu, 15:31:55 Google: over-dosage

These peolpe are really free too, only one specifically targets my blog(highlighted in turquiose).Look at searches for people and DoTA terms. This shows how many people have got nothing much to do.

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