Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The title of the post looks odd eh?

Thats how my body feels ye, odd.

It meant ill, with 'i' in caps it looks like ' l ' X3

Struggled through SPA today, felt terrible, coughing and sneezing so frequently, wanted to stay in school till after Chemistry and Physics lectures, you know why.

But felt really terrible, so went home ya, PE HOD signed my 'leave early form' haha.

Went to see doctor immediately, luckily got enough money in my wallet, freaking $34 dollars, if i do well i might want to be a doctor for this one reason-MONEY.

Slept for a few hours ok, 6 hours till 7 and went to buy SUBWAY!!!

Ate a foot long 'subway melt' myself haha.

And that was my sickly day.
I love you.

Not going to school tomorrow!! Woohoo can sleep late for once in so many weeks, haven't been waking up late due to trainings and giving tuition.

Oh, and bloody got 'tao pok' yesterday with a record of don't know how many people for no particular reason, with this fat indian being the first one on me, i bet i had close to 500kg on me(8people) till at one point, i couldn't breathe. Please Ms SUSAN LEONG, haha see this and punish them for erm 'horseplay'.

Anyways i feel its time to reply a letter haha.

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