Tuesday, February 13, 2007

H for helen

Today went to have dinner with helen since i'm not able to make it tomorrow because of the match against Yj at 530. Anyways the 'fireball steak' was cool at the cineleisure chicago restaurant or dunno what name, but it has got some chicago thingy on its signboard, the one beside subway.

The steak was good. But the rest were a little disappointing. Should be good enough for lunch but not dinner yea.

But though the ambience is not really that fantastic, they play great songs. First by celine dion, then Mariah Carey, then Babyface then Leeann 'Rimes/rhimes'?? The song by her was really nice, not unchained melody but the how can i live without you. yea. that was it!!!

Presents presents tomorrow!!!!!YAY!!!

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