Thursday, December 21, 2006

Back to good

Been away for a little while to take a break from the hectic lifestyle that i'm living with, not that i'm espicially hardworking but ermm its still stressful haha.

Taiwan is a wonderful place and I would definitely tag along with Wong if he ever organise another overseas 'tour' yea?! Oh btw saw jion chun's friend there too.

Had a short stint in Hong Kong again, where i did all the shopping. New clothes, shirts, shoes, trousers etc. wonderfully kept the budget low with all the bargains. Ermm not too low actually.

Anyway, bought most of the souvenirs from disney and yup. Disney in HK is not that magical. But took a few photos with disney characters! Mickey, Minnie, Tiger, Goofy and also the beauty(beauty and the beast). That's all from Disney you see, so ya I think ocean park would be a better catch if you're at around my age and seeking some fun in such theme parks. Probably Disney only seem magical for the young haha.

I think I sound very cynical, is that the way you spell it?

I want to visit the Emirates Stadium!

Anyways, having home alone until 23rd. Wha, tons of holiday work on my desk i realised, and I probably can't finish it.

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