Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Point to Prove

I stepped into the classroom today, having a point to prove.

I turned the paper over to check the number or pages.

Looks 'do-able'.

I began to plough through the questions and started thinking of formulas and what not.

I began to realise the fate would be somewhat similar.

Hoped for a pass, but thought it's so far away now that i've tried.

But regardless of how badly i've done in this paper, at least now i'm sure that i should be able to promote.

I've started out just to promote, and i've met the 'goal' or rather the aim.

Nothing to be proud of, but i'm willing to accept whatever grades i get to promote, considering how much or rather how little work i've done for nine months.

You feel the shadows over you, and you vow to rise above.

But come on at the end of the day, the word is 'effort' or in simpler or rather more direct terms 'hardwork'.

Looking at my archives, i've mentioned same things over and over again. This issue of putting in hardwork keeps surfacing but nothing had been done.

Sigh. Thank God. Let me get done and over with it tomorrow.

" My father taught me to work; he did not teach me to love it"

Abraham Lincoln

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