Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Evil Cycle

I didn't know why, i went to play LAN agian today. Wow, once again like any other occasion, it vacums my blue and red notes away.

It is an evil cycle, young chaps owning the LAN shops are earning $10.50 from us every week, 8 of us, that's $84.00, its worse than playing Mah Jiong (maybe not for gedeon haha). How many teenagers out there are being sucked dry by these evil bastards.

Now its them earning money from us.

I say( together with zhuang yong, gedeon, shaun and some others) we would be the 'young chaps' in about 5-6 years time sucking the hell out of the teenagers with our little outlet of maybe 40 computers. We would have a chain of LAN shops in paradiz, peace centre, slegie complex, opposite paradiz everywhere, sucking the hell out of those juveniles who simply can't resist the evil temptation of WarCraft or any other multi-player games. Eventually, we would prbably be having 400 computers generating uncountable amounts to us EVERY YEAR EVERY MONTH EVERY WEEK EVERY DAY EVERY HOUR EVERY MINUTE EVERY SECOND.

Soon... Soon...

Hope it work out and the trend stays HAHA.

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