Friday, September 22, 2006

Time and Again

Now i got to know the meaning to the phrase' thats what friends are for'. I wasn't like this say 4 years ago. I wanted to become an even better person, and i became one, according to my own set of criteria for judgement of course.

Time and again i resisted it. I resisted the thing in me to go back to what i was. But now, finally and fortunately the people around me got the better of me.

I should have gone back to myself long time ago. Not when i'm at this pathetic and deplorable state.

What's the thing that got the beter of me? 'Humans' i say, 'society' i say. Sounds so cliche but what the hell, its the truth.

Where is the thing that i'm looking for? I've found one or maybe a few. But its moving away or growing weak.

So in all... A rational mind tells you that you should get back and be a bastard, instead of enduring and tiding through what it is now.

The word for today is 'unconditional'. Have you? Or have you once?

Anyway, thank you for making me stay up till the morning to make it possible for me to think through what i've been doing.

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