Friday, September 01, 2006


What a day it was. Yea still, happy since i've he finally spelled it out, although we acknowledge something quite profound but not quite profound which i knew since my years in catholic high.

On the way to Toa Payoh, i thought about problems. I'm perfectly fine ya. I mean problems or crisis in general, those that i've had, not at the present. It came to me that you have to really weigh your own priorities before making any real long-term commitments, i don't mean that there are any 'bogus' long-term commitments, but rather i'm driving at those which you can't realy get yourself out, even if situation seems bleak or unfavourable. Consequences are dire, but there's always a solution. But what if sometimes it doesn't.

Nothing fantastic from soccer, i'm the first one to blog about it i guess. Sorry jingjiat and giddy for coming to support. As anyone can see, we lacked depth from defence, and we lacked fitness all over. But i would still like to blame the ball =P, it was really heavy and couldn't really be lifted, so ya, embarassing scoreline. (i'm not going to say it, because it really isn't what we're capable of and there are a few erm blooopeeerss from our keeper that erm attributed to this) But we were the weaker team, no fitness, no teamwork, lets dive into the transfer market and hopefully get some good transfers like what Aston Villa did, EPL is getting stronger and stronger by day since Roman came.

Took a long bus ride and its still quite the same. 'Enjoy' is not the word, rather I find my time well spent for the few hours.

Just if anyone and everyone can be more responsible for the enviornment =P, i take Geography, or used to, random.

All these things mentioned in this post have got something to do with subconsciousness, so be wary of it.

No reason why I'm blogging at such hours, just that I can't really sleep.

Get your priorities right, message sent i hope.

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