Saturday, September 30, 2006


Certain people like to do people analysis.

Perhaps they think it would help them to tackle situations with them with less hassle, by understanding or hoping to understand how others act.

Or maybe for the sheer enjoyment they get from understanding others in their own

You may have gotten it right for others, but sorry not and probably never for me. haha.

Interesting though as i read, for someone else's point of view of looking at yourself.

Maybe everyone should do something like this.

But not everyone has the time. haha.

I guess you're just too free and want to find something to do.

You've got some of us wrong.

Anyways I've taken time 1day and something before my papers to talk about what you've blogged probably 2 months ago. haha.

Don't take what i say too seriously even if you realised it were you that i'm talking about.

Thank god for the technology and search engines.

I think i can promote, but let's not talk about quality grades. I'm not capable of it at this moment and state, be realistic and don't pin high hopes on me, my brother. Yes, my brother, anywyas thank you for the confidence and the thought to be concerned about my 'future'.

I respect you after what you did yesterday, really. It was quite beyond your means and you didn't mind stretching yourself to a certain extent. Frankly speaking, i wouldn't have done it. I would have the thought and if i had the ability i would have done it, but if i was at your state, i wouldn't. I'm shameful for being this way as i compare myself to you.

But once again that makes me different from you, although we have some uncanny similarities. And be confident, if you read this don't smile at me. If i was a girl i would have considered you if you were a lil more serious. HAHA

May god and deities bless me for the things that i have to go through. And i don't want to think about my destiny.

PS: I really want to play in the English Premier League to have Arsene Wenger as my coach. As much as you want Takeshi Kaneshiro or Bradd Pitt as your boyfriend or Keira Knightley or Angelina Jolie as your girlfriend. But dreams are dreams and fantasies are fantasies.

This world would be much better if there were more mutual understanding.

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