Sunday, August 06, 2006


I've just realised that i'm being lazy again. This isn't new i know, but somehow i just don't feel like doing work.. But i think i may face the consequence of being re****ed if i don't start working NOW!

I know I would have to do it somehow, but i don't know how.

Don't laugh please if u are laughing your asses of now..

Its just a few more weeks away i mean the pro**s, and it would decide my fate for the next year. I guess I have to put in the effort now..

Because I don't want to waste a year in that worn out, self-proclaiming happening place..I just want to get over with it.. Not only with the place, but with the pointless studying of information..

AND practicing of mathematics sums.. It's just so boring, rotting my brain out.

I guess my mum is getting worried for me now, I know i shouldn't let her be so.. but ya the only solution is to work.. but i need that 'something' to once again give me back the drive to work.

I don't even know what that 'something' is in the first place. I don;t know if this is good or bad.

BUT for now, i have my new Vivacitors jersey to look forward to! haha, heard that its fantastically OWNAGE from xinxiang.

I guess my messages going to exceed like MAD this month, haha but its ok.. (=

Luckily i have you, soccer and my friends..

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