Monday, August 14, 2006

A Detour

Do you every realise its when you are away from the crowd, being alone, you would find and realise what is really important to you? I treasure what I have now, and I would put in hardwork for 'the' future.

Ironically, you often place them in lower priroity when you are indulging yourself in fun and perhaps entertaining activities.

I'm physically sick. All because of the subject with a self-defeating objective (shall not elaborate)...

Slept at 3+ last thursday, drank red bull to play soccer on friday, slept late once again.
Decided to be a good boy and woke up early to take breakfast with mum.
Went Queensway to collect jerseys and fireworks and night till slightly late, slept at 2.
Sundat woke up for tennis, rested a while in the afternoon and went to play street with brother despite being tired, just wanted to have some activities with him...
Slept late on that day for PW once again...
End up falling sick and have to be at disposal for the virus that exists in my body...

I want to take a detour in order to make things go more swiftlyand more smooth sailing for me, that it would be.

On a random separate note, in my opinion we should just school for 4 days and have 1 weekday off isn't it.

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