Monday, August 21, 2006

Chasing Blindly After- The Endless Pursuit

We live to chase, to search, to earn, to wait and maybe to gain.

This 'process' would you call it a process, it is rather a routine which never ends.

Since you were born, you wait for milk.

Next you ask for toys. In a way you use your smile to 'earn' for toys in return.

When you know how to talk, you begin to ask for it. Some parents would make it in form of trade. For example, when you do well in spelling, they would reward you.

When you grow older, stepping into the first 6 years of fromal education, the government begins to provide you with an incentive. In hope to 'tempt' you to go for the 'carrot', and hopefully contribute to the nation someday.

In the last year of the fundamental education, your parents and relatives tells you all about schools and instituitions to go to, but actually you didn't give a damn. But, somehow, you'd listen to them and heed their advices..

Then the real torture begins when u work tirelessly for A s and B s. You fall into the abyss of darkness and working for the 'desired' outcome becomes your only aim in life, never would you realise what you would have missed out.

You describe these people as focussed.

As soon as the government brings you out of the education system, you begin to truly work for yourself as you have to feed maybe not your family but yourself at least...

Its basically alot of bullshit, but point is that this is no difference to all that you have been through in the first 9-18 years of your life.. the 'carrot' simply changes its form.. and somehow it never ends.. it continues to morph and change its form..

Eventually, you still have to work and catch up with reality no matter how hardworking you are.. everytime you take a break out of the immeasurable pool of pain, you realise that there is more work waiting for you to be done..

It simply never ends.

Maybe adopt the way of life from a particular religion and you may reduce the scale of the endless pursuit.. i.e be a monk? or a priest?

You still have to 'work' for food, but the purpose perhaps is a more honourable task??

think about it my friends and decide how you want to live your life since you know it happens all over again.. if you didn't know NOW i'm telling you this.. so maybe you would want to do something..

Maybe this isn't the best showing of my somewhat limited linguistic ability but the content is there, the fruit of my thoughts is there..

By me once agian.

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