Sunday, August 27, 2006

26 Aug 2006

This is the day that i didn't feel like celebrating.


I thought real hard and i realised that the rate at which the list on the left gets shorter would definitely outrun the rate of the list getting longer.

Believe in me, believe in yourself..

I'm a lover, not a bugger.

The crystals i find on your face worth a million, don't drop any of it anymore.

This is one of those days when fate gets in your way or someone's way.

You know its coming, but can't do nuts about it. It frustrates you and you decide not to do anything anymore. When it comes you want to do so much, but then you realise its too late.

Don't use examples in reality to reason logically with me, because its all based on circumanstances.

hug the mAd. ( zzy and giddy would know what i mean=P)

I know the order is kind of messed up hope you all don't mind, i can't do anything even if you all do.( move your cursor to the top right, and give it a left click if you get confused, that's all i can do) The 4line spacing is teh separation of brief thoughts. I need some rest.

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