Thursday, July 27, 2006

the prize

yea, after some sort of hardwork, i managed to pass NAPFA today =) with a bronze. Nothing much indeed but i just want to pass it so my afternoon PE lessons won't be such of a torture to cause blisters and all on my hands.. hehe. However the results were kind of worse for the other stations, haha cause i didn't want to exert so much anyways only can do 2 pull-ups. I could do 4 the other day after soccer training, but i didn't know why I couldn't manage it today.. But at least i've got an award, a pass with 17 years of age. haha.

Today, had my probably last few Biology lessons and learnt a new concept, not new actually i knew it, but it just came at the right time to remind me of something. oh ya, I haven't mentioned about what it is. Its oxygen, to simplify it by say 5 times, it goes like this, we need oxygen to breathe and survive, but in fact we die because of oxygen, we age because of oxygen.. yea.. think about it..

oh ya, JJ seriously stop gaying me, zhuang yong is going to piah you! sigh, why is my timetable so screwed..anyways anyways haha Vivacitors home kit out soon! lol. anyways actually there is still something i would want to mention, but somehow i can't remember it..

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