Friday, May 05, 2006

technique? skill? i don't know

Now that everyone of us is busy with our lives and all, let me, cheung wai lun to say a few words.

haha. take a step back when you feel something has gone wrong in your life.

easy to say. hard to do.


think through. why have you done this or that.

try as hard as you can to convince yourself, justify your actions.

if you can't, it means that its a wrong step.

don't be lenient to yourself.

you are the only one that holds these truths.

Admit it. cry over it.

avoid these mistakes in the future.

easy to say. hard to do.

haha. you will make a similar mistake again, i guarantee.

Cos its all bullshit to say that you will never make the same mistake again.

once bitten twice shy--> you will only be shy twice. (Thats not what its suppose to mean, but i makes sense in this context)

whatever it is, try to avoid it.

but when you make a similar mistake, repeat the process.

That's how life works i guess.

Till the moment you never make mistakes.

Its time for you to leave this world...

I think i may get some prize for this. haha.

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